Crates Marine Keswick Background

Our Beautiful inner harbour!


This facility has served the boating community for over 85 years!



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The spring thaw is upon us, boating season is coming ;-)

We are always working to improve and update our facility...

Keeping our wonderful marina well maintained is extremely important is the key philosophy that governs how we manage our facility. We also pay close attention and work to implement upgrades we feel (and hear from our valued customers) are worthwhile. Here are a few important updates/upgrades we have performed recently:

Dock Extensions, Facelifts and Repairs

Winter/Spring 2018

More Executive Dock repairs and facelifts

Winter/Spring 2017

Executive Dock repairs and facelifts

Winter/Spring 2016


Marina Wifi Infrastructure Upgrade

Spring 2015

Well for those that have been frustrated with the wifi service at our marina, you will be happy to know we have ripped out all the old gear and re-introduced a new system for 2015. This system was designed from the ground up to not only cover all of the 'dead zones' that were found in the old system, but also to provide much better throughput of data. This means the system can handle more users and provide faster speeds. Hooray!!